A Great Year Ahead for Pearson Audubon

Detail of Brown-headed Nuthatch plate from John James Audubon's Birds of America
Detail of Brown-headed Nuthatch plate from John James Audubon’s Birds of America

The 2017 annual planning meeting and elections have come and gone, and we have some great programs and nature walks on tap. We will be hearing about Monarch butterflies, urban wildlife, spring ephemeral wildflowers, woodpeckers of the Piedmont, and many more interesting monthly programs.

We’ll have second Sunday nature walks on the Laurel Bluff Trail and at the Guilford County Farm (aka Prison Farm). We’ll explore the geology of Guilford County and partake of a Wine-and-Warblers outing at Grove Winery. How’s that for a new twist?

Contributing to a great year ahead is a very talented group of board members and officers: Dennis Burnette, Lynn Burnette, Sue Cole, Sarah Gilley, Lynne Gray, Judy Hoag, Jack Jezorek, Lynn Moseley, Marie Poteat, Stella Wear, and Tom Wear. The TGPAS officers are: Lynn Moseley, chair; Sarah Gilley, co-chair; Sue Cole, treasurer; and Judy Hoag, secretary. Many thanks to all who are giving of their time and talent to make Pearson Audubon such a wonderful chapter. — Jack Jezorek, outgoing co-chair

Give a Tweet – Help a Bird!


On behalf of all the birds and people who benefit from Audubon NC programs, Kim Brand, Field Organizer for Audubon North Carolina, is asking for our help.

Audubon North Carolina has been selected to compete to win a share of $100,000, and all you have to do is tweet! You don’t need to know how to use Twitter – or any social media – to help out.

Now through June 19, Blue Cross-Blue Shield Foundation is counting all the tweets and Instagram posts that have the hashtag #VoteAudubonNC + @bcbsnc in them and awarding a donation to Audubon NC for every single one. This is all part of their Hike NC – gohikenc.com – program to get more North Carolinians outside to explore parks, preserves, and outdoor spaces.
We need all the help we can get! Here’s how you can help, starting immediately and running through June 19:

  • If you use Twitter and/or Instagram, use these posts yourself as often as you can.
  • Ask your kids, grandkids, neighbor kids, friends, coworkers, ANYONE who uses Twitter and/or Instagram to participate!

Every Tweet Counts!
To Send a Tweet:

  1. Log-in to your Twitter account or create a Twitter account.
  2. Cut/paste this as your tweet: I get outside for birds so I #voteaudubonnc with @bcbsnc! #hikenc

Repeat your tweets as many times a day as you want! The competition will be fierce, so please tweet early and often!

Share These Posts:
Get your Twitter followers in on the fun of this contest. Here are some prewritten posts. Copy/paste and post to get your people to tweet for Audubon NC!

Here’s a Northern Cardinal/Audubon NC image created just for this competition – use if you like – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5sip42f5lsi2mk7/AABCTYA442YdfS3YeVcHPUyHa?dl=0

Twitter Posts:
Copy/paste & post:
Tweet for the birds! Each tweet with #VoteAudubonNC + @bcbsnc means $$$ for #NorthCarolina birds à https://ctt.ec/03eC6
Give a tweet and help a bird! Each tweet with #VoteAudubonNC + @bcbsnc means a donation for #NorthCarolina birds à https://ctt.ec/03eC6

(Note: the little rectangles below will turn into a Great Horned Owl or Bald Eagle emoji if you copy/paste into Twitter!)

🦉 says: Tweet for me! Each tweet with #VoteAudubonNC + @bcbsnc means a donation for #NorthCarolina birds à https://ctt.ec/03eC6

🦅 says: Tweet for me! Each tweet with #VoteAudubonNC + @bcbsnc means a donation for #NorthCarolina birds à https://ctt.ec

/03eC6Our friends @AudubonNC are vying to win a share of $100K with @bcbsnc, but they need YOUR help. HTTP://NC.AUDUBON.ORG/HIKENC #VoteAudubonNC

Facebook Posts – copy/paste & post:
Audubon North Carolina is vying to win a share of $100,000 with Hike NC, and they need YOUR help. HTTP://NC.AUDUBON.ORG/HIKENC

Audubon North Carolina has been selected to compete to win a share of $100,000, and they need YOUR help. All you have to do is TWEET! They Need Your Help! Every Tweet Counts!

TGPAS Annual Meeting Reminder

tgp logo no quoteIn May’s Nature Notes we had an extensive article about the chapter’s annual meeting on Sunday June 4th. Recall that the main goal of that meeting is to compile suggestions for monthly programs and nature walks. We need your help to construct that list of possibilities. So, this is just a brief reminder about that important task.

TGPAS Annual Meeting, SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, KCE Library, Conference Room, 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

Please come for some or all of the meeting and help our chapter get even better. Thanks!

Climate Watch: A New Citizen Science Project to Survey Nuthatch Populations

You can participate in a new citizen science project to help determine the impact of climate change on our local birds.

Three years ago, the National Audubon Society published the results of its long-term study of the effects of climate change on North America’s birds. That study showed clearly that 314 species of birds in North America will be impacted seriously by climate change in the next 30-60 years.  In North Carolina, almost 170 species of birds are included in that number.

The new citizen science project is under way through National Audubon. “Climate Watch” will provide information on those birds likely to experience the greatest impacts of climate change.

In North Carolina, we will focus on our three nuthatch species. White-breasted, Brown-headed, and Red-breasted Nuthatches will be systematically surveyed over the next three years during two observation periods. From June 1-15 of this year, our chapter will be responsible for surveying nuthatch populations in designated areas within Guilford County.

Then, Jan. 15-30, 2018, the study will be repeated on the same locations. Additional surveys will take place in January and June of 2019. Our results will become part of a national database to determine real-time trends in nuthatch populations.

“Projects like this one keep the ledger of how birds are being affected by climate change,” said Kim Brand, Audubon North Carolina Field Organizer. “Over time we’ll be able to see how bird populations respond to climate change and adjust our conservation strategies accordingly.”

During May, 16 sites in Guilford County will be selected based on their likelihood of including good habitat for nuthatches. Volunteers will be asked to count nuthatches (and bluebirds) in those areas during that two-week period. We’ll need to gather a group of birders who can identify Brown-headed and White-breasted Nuthatches by sight and sound.

Please consider participating in this very important study to help document the predictions made by Audubon’s Climate Change report!

By Lynn Moseley