Help the Lake Daniel Greenway

Pearson Audubon has had many outings along the Lake Daniel Greenway, nature walks, creek studies for kids, and of course, we have the Bluebird and Nuthatch trail there. The section of the greenway near Friendly Ave. parallels Wendover Ave. which is used by over 60,000 vehicles per day. The visual, noise and exhaust pollution for trail walkers and bikers, as well as patients and staff at Wesley Long Hospital, can be intolerable at times.

But there is a way to lessen those impacts. Greensboro’s Participatory Budgeting Project is going on now, giving city residents a chance to vote for projects suggested by ordinary citizens. Those of us who live in city council District 3 have a chance to help the greenway. Two projects listed on the ballot for that district will help. One would result in the planting of a dense buffer of small trees and shrubs along Wendover to screen it from the greenway. Many native species will be included in the mix, so this will help birds and pollinators too.. Another project on the District 3 ballot would place a new water fountain and benches at the western terminus of the greenway at Friendly Ave., making it more useful for walkers and bikers.

So for those who live in District 3, the chapter recommends that you cast two of your three votes for these two projects. The actual ballots for all districts, as well as voting locations and times can be found at Bring identification to show residency.

Note that Participatory Budgeting voting has nothing to do with the Greensboro City Council elections also going on now. Please follow the link to the website given above for PB locations. You can vote up until November 18. Please do so and help our favorite greenway and our birds. Thanks.